Tuesday, 25 June 2013

RARE SNES Out Of This World Prototype Video Game

The history behind this game is very interesting. 
It was programmed by the very talented Rebecca Heineman, who was once Bill "Burger" Heineman, one of Interplay's founding programmers.
She said that "since Interplay wouldn't pay for a Super FX chip, I found a way to do it with static RAM on the cart and DMA which got me a great frame rate. Interplay wouldn't pay for the static RAM either, so I ended up using Fast ROM instruction. Interplay wouldn't pay for a 3.6 Mhz ROM either. So, frustrated, I shoved my block move code into the DMA registers and used it as RAM running at 3.6 Mhz. It worked. I got fast block moves on slow cartridges and made a game using polygons working on a 65816 processor with pure software rendering.
circa label dated (11/12/1992) 

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